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Care Progress develops state-of-the-art software tools for oncology departments and practices to improve patient outcomes, enhance workflow, and increase profitability. Through clinical collaborations across the United States, our products are expertly designed, scientifically tested, and fully utilized by clinicians and patients.

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Scientific Research:

By incorporating evidence-based research, clinical studies, human factors, and machine learning into development and testing, our products have garnered us two National Science Foundation awards.

Healthcare Experience:

With decades of healthcare experience and innovation, our team is populated by stellar data scientists and software developers, and we partner with world renowned oncologists.

Product Usability:

As we solve healthcare’s toughest challenges, patient and clinician usability is fundamental to our development process. Our customers quickly garner ROI and avoid additional workflow.

Patient Outcomes:

Our business is helping those who help others. Everything we do is designed to help clinicians and health systems provide better care for their patients leading to healthier and happier lives.